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Amazon delivery driver rescues cat thrown out of car window

In the state of Iowa, in the United States, the driver’s working day was interrupted by an act of cruelty. A motorist threw a cat out of the window of his vehicle before fleeing. The driver rescued the animal and then took it to Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes, a nearby pet store.

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An unexpected rescue

During his delivery round to Monkscity of UNITED STATES, a delivery driver was surprised to find that a vehicle in front of him had thrown a cat through the window. He then immediately stopped to help him. “He parked, leaned over, and she came straight at him.” said Lori Sandahlowner of the pet store that collected the animal, KCCIa local news channel.

A warm welcome

Since arriving at the pet store, the purring cat has been doing “perfectly” according Sandal. “She is simply full of life. She is healthy, she ate (…) and she is in good shape”.

Following a veterinary examination and a period of quarantine, the feline will be available for adoption. Lori Sandahl claims that the cat shows no signs of aggression and that she is now ready to be petted on the lap of her future owners.

Rescue drivers

To this day, it is still unknown why and by whom the animal was thrown from the vehicle. This case echoes an incident that took place in 2020, during which another delivery driver saved an elderly dog ​​from drowning.

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This one was in a garden pool at Woburnin the Massachusetts. Seeing the 14-year-old dog in a state of distress, John Cassabria did not hesitate to “jump into the pool fully clothed” to help him. “I was only thinking of the dog at that time” did he say to WBZ-TV. “I happened to be in the right place at the right time“, he added. “I would repeat the same actions over and over again if I had to.

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