Ambernac: genets and otters, protected species hit by cars

An otter killed by a car.

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Coincidentally, a reader sent us these days the image of a genet, also found in the middle of the road. Obviously, the nocturnal carnivorous mammal was also hit by a car. His body was found at roughly the same location. And it is also a protected species.

The paradox, according to Patrimoine rural d’Ambernac, is that these discoveries of deceased animals are perceived as good news. They are the sign that these animals which have long deserted this sector of Charente are back. “The otter is recolonizing the surroundings of Ambernac. It was very present in the past, as evidenced by certain names of localities such as Le loup de loutre », considers Jean Kocken, member of the association. The last otter corpse, the Ambernac structure says it has entrusted it to the French office for biodiversity to establish “a DNA data bank”justifies Karine Paris.

On the side of the environmental association Charente Nature, Matthieu Dorfiac, in charge of studies and the inventory of species, tempers the remarks a little. If otters and genets are indeed protected species, they have never disappeared from Charente Limousine. They are just discreet and nocturnal. So yes, it’s a fact, we find more than before crushed on the roads of the sector. One of the possible explanations, put forward by specialists: this mammal hates bridges. When she approaches a bridge in the middle of a swimming session, she comes out of the water to get around the obstacle on dry land. This is where she crosses the road. With the risk of being run over.

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