"Aminata Diallo is the second victim" according to ... / Justice / Hamraoui case / SOFOOT.com - THECHOWANIECS.COM

“Aminata Diallo is the second victim” according to … / Justice / Hamraoui case / SOFOOT.com

Defense, clap-clap-clap, defense, clap-clap-clap!

Aminata Diallo’s three lawyers took the floor this Thursday afternoon to defend the case of the ex-PSG player, accused of having ordered the attack on her ex-teammate Kheira Hamraoui on November 7. They first said that their client was ” devastated ” after spending five days in a cell in the Versailles women’s remand center. A measure taken to prevent the accused from fleeing, which “seems crazy as she wants to fight and prove her innocence” they pointed.

They presented Aminata Diallo as “the second victim” of this affair, recalling that this evening in November, “She too was molested and pressed against her steering wheel” . The lawyers also denounce an exploitation only “in charge” of their client’s telephone, the latter express real animosity between the two ex-partners which should be “extremely nuanced” because there is “a lot of messages between them which show a cordial understanding. » Me Battikh finally pointed out that at present, the sponsor was still unknown and that it was therefore impossible to establish a link with Aminata Diallo.

To be or not to be the sponsor, that is aggression.


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