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An affectionate cat always sleeps cuddling his master

For a long time, Noah has always wanted to have a cat as a pet, to make it his best friend. But it wasn’t until Christmas, two years ago, that Santa Claus granted his long-awaited wish and gave him Sir Meowsalot (Meowser).

Noah couldn’t believe his wish had come true, he was so happy to meet his adorable 2 month old cat. The adorable feline was also happy to meet Noah. That’s why the two instantly became best friends.

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Ashley Crow, Noah’s mother, told The Dodo:

“There was an immediate connection between my son Noah and Meowser. They were inseparable from the first second they met. »

An affectionate cat always sleeps cuddling his master

A few years have passed and nothing has changed, Noah and Meowser are still so close and do absolutely everything together. Wherever one of them isthe other is sure to be by his side, they always follow each other everywhere, they have a special bond.

Meowser greets him with purrs and meows every morning and every time he walks through the door. They play together, dress up, play hide and seek, and ride Noah’s skateboard together.

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Noah and Meowser are rarely apart, and even found the cutest and funniest way to make a good nap together.

Whenever it’s time to get ready or take a break, they settle in together, and Meowser always lays down on Noah. This scene is very touching, as Meowser seems to wrap Noah in a warm embrace, and this sweet image brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Ashley added:

“They have such a rare bond and they have had it since day one. One thing is for sure, when Noah goes to bed, Sir Meowsalot will lie on top of him. »

Without a doubt, Noah and Meowser have a bond like no other and will surely be best friends for life.

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