an association calls for the end of pony rides in Paris

The Paris Animals Zoopolis association denounced the non-respect of the “animal welfare” measures put in place by the town hall.

In the alleys of Parc Monceau, in the Luxembourg Gardens… ponies carry children every day for a few minutes of walks in the public spaces of Paris. Amandine Sanvisens, co-founder of the association, warned about their living conditions on the set of BFM Paris.

“Ponies are not attractions, they are not toys…you have to create another relationship between children and animals,” she said.

In 2021, the town hall of Paris had however established an animal welfare charter to supervise these walks; it ensured, among other things, a constant availability of water and hay for the ponies, breaks where the bit would be removed, a limitation of the time of ride (2 hours maximum per day)…

However, according to Amandine Sanvisens, only the measure on the condition of the hooves would be respected by the operators. “We are on offenses that are major and repeated, it is extremely serious,” laments the co-founder.

window dressing

Recalling the “binding” nature of the charter which was signed by the operators and the town hall, she believes that there are only two ways to explain this non-compliance with the regulations.

“Either the town hall of Paris does not see (these failures), in this case, the solution is simple: the agreements must be terminated, because it is a serious fault of the operator. Or, the city of Paris will not terminate them, and we have a disastrous message in terms of animal living conditions, and this charter would only be a masquerade, window dressing”, regrets the co-founder.

The association has launched a petition, which has collected more than 4,000 signatures, to call on the town hall to put an end to pony rides in Paris.

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