An elderly man with terminal cancer cried with happiness as he said goodbye to his beloved dogs

It must be hard to know that cancer is gradually taking away our vitality, especially for those we love around us.

But it is precisely the memories that prevail, the positive memories, that fill us with strength in difficult times. Well, this is the story of an old man from Korea who was in the hospital with terminal cancer, there was not much to do and the hardest part was that the disease made it difficult for her to move.

This man was not only thinking about himself, while in hospital, but he was worried about his dogs, Arong and Asoon. This grandfather had them when they were just puppies and spent his entire old age with them. Even in his first moments of cancer, he did his best to care for them despite the difficulty of living with the disease.

An elderly man with terminal cancer cried with happiness as he said goodbye to his beloved dogs

This gentleman arrived at the hospital in an emergency, the doctors then told him that he did not have much time left to live in this world. At home, Arong and Asoon were sad and crying when they saw he was not at home, a neighbor took care of thembut they only wanted their master.

The truth is, the grandfather made a final decision and wanted to make sure his dogs would be taken care of when he left. He therefore entrusted them to an animal protection group, to try to ensure them a prosperous life after his death.

Of course, not before saying goodbye to them, so he waited for them in front of the hospital and was able to share a great moment during which, of course, there was no shortage of tears.

He had mixed feelings, he was crying because he would never see them again. The truth is that it was an affectionate farewell and that this man, with all his sorrow, did his best to make them happy in the future.

It is amazing that in his last moments he thought only of the welfare of his dogs, a sign of the kindness and love of this gentleman. Hope he can rest in peace, he will forever be in the minds of his dogs.

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