an important device to find the pensioner who disappeared in the Dordogne

From morning until evening, the gendarmes of the Sarlat company searched the surroundings of Vitrac. They are a dozen accompanied by tracking dogs. For five days now, the soldiers have been looking for a resident of the town, disappeared after going for a walk Tuesday evening. A call for witnesses was launched on Wednesday and an important device is mobilized to find him. The situation is worrying because the 65-year-old retiree is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The diving firefighters inspected the Dordogne as a precaution

A Saint Hubert dog, a specialist in this type of research, from Auch in the Gers, was mobilized for a day on Friday. The firefighters divers also inspected the Dordogne as a precaution, but no dog has yet led the investigators towards this direction, explains Colonel Montagne, from the Dordogne gendarmerie group. The inhabitants, the mayor also take turns to organize hunts. Red cross volunteers and hunters even came to swell the ranks.

The expanded search sector, the gendarmerie helicopter mobilized

The research is focusing on the places where this retiree used to walk, specifies the gendarmerie. Some witnesses also gave leads to the investigators. All hypotheses are currently on the table : the sexagenarian was able to get into a car or continue to walk for miles, until exhaustion.

The sector, very wooded, does not facilitate the task military policemen. They have now widened their search scope. And for the first time this Sunday, the helicopter turned all afternoon to try to find a trace of the pensioner.

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