an increasing number of hounds in our streets

During the night from Friday to Saturday, in La Saline-Les-Hauts, the body of a man was found with traces of bites *, some of which were visibly inflicted by large dogs, probably mastiffs. This type of animal, stray or stray (the difference being that strays have “owners”), are more and more seen in the streets.

“We very often observe fashionable phases in the purchase of a dog, whether it is for legal or illegal sale”, deplores Marie Pérez, president of the Zoom association, pointing to the “increasing sales of dogs of the American Bully type (breed not recognized in France), Stafforshire Bull-terrier and American Staff”, often crossed. A similar problem is observed with the Malinois, a breed with special needs which we will have the opportunity to talk about again.

7,500 euro fine

These sales are largely fueled by clandestine breeding. “A lot of illegal sales are observed on social networks on sales and donation groups where the legislation is not respected”. Some molossers, such as American Staffordshires not registered in the LOF or crossbred, are considered category 1. “They cannot be transferred and must be sterilized”, adds the Saint-Pauloise. It should be noted that individuals engaged in breeding without registration in the Siren directory are liable to a fine of €7,500. The administrators of these groups are themselves responsible for the advertisements published insofar as they participate in the commission of offenses or crimes.

Consequence of a compulsive purchase linked to a fashion effect, “more and more dogs end up on the streets, in pounds, abandoned, lost, and mostly unsterilized”, sannoys Marie Pérez, who deplores the fact that animals are perceived as “lucrative objects”. And in the absence of sterilization, these animals left to their own devices reproduce (read our article Animal sterilization: Turning off the birth tap to stop killings).


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