Animal rights activists disrupt Elizabeth II’s jubilee: ‘This summer we will take bigger steps’

This Thursday, Elizabeth II celebrated her jubilee for her 70 years of reign, acclaimed by tens of thousands of people. As officers roamed the streets, animal rights activists tried to disrupt the party. They notably threw themselves during the parade as the guard marched for the Queen. It was the Animal Rebellion group that claimed responsibility for this disruption on social networks.

In the images, we see eight individuals pass over the barriers in an attempt to disrupt the parade. Two sat right in the middle of the parade of royal guards. On other images, we see these demonstrators tackled to the ground and quickly mastered.

Animal Rebellion announced that 25 of their members had interrupted the parade due to “the Crown’s inaction in the face of the climate emergency and its continued support for the meat, fish and dairy lobbies”.

The disturbance took place around 10:10 a.m. on Thursday. The group of protesters were dragged by the police out of the way taken by the royal guard. Several arrests have taken place. To justify them, the Royal Police said “that they were linked to a disturbance of public order and obstruction of the road”. On Twitter, the police added: “Thank you to the crowd who showed their support by applauding our officers who returned to their posts after dealing with the incident promptly.”

Animal Rebellion is not at its first attempt. The group painted a fountain outside Buckingham Palace red last year accusing the Queen “to have blood on your hands”. Protesters believe the Crown is using land for hunting and animal agriculture. They also accuse royalty of failing to act to reduce the country’s carbon emissions.

One of the group’s spokespersons said: “These Jubilee celebrations are going to cost taxpayers tens if not hundreds of millions of pounds. As we battle the cost of living crisis and families across the country become increasingly dependent on food banks.” Animal Rebellion does not intend to stop there: “This summer, we will take stronger action against the dairy industry than ever before.

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