Animal shelters again saturated: “Since the end of the Covid, families no longer adopt”

Adoptions are sluggish in shelters, many of which are saturated.

Summer vacation hasn’t started yet, yet pet shelters are already full. The SPA of La Louvière, Charleroi, Mouscron and Perwez as well as Sans Collier can no longer accept e new supports. “We are facing a double phenomenon: a drop in adoptions and an increase in requests for care. As a result, the cages do not empty and we are under tension” , explains Gaëtan Sgualdino, president of the SPA de la Louvière. One month away from the school holidays, a period sadly generating many abandonments, the shelters fear being totally drowned?

Franck Goffaux, president of the SPA de la Louvière sees in this saturation a foreseeable consequence of the confinements of 2020 and 2021. “During the Covid period, people rushed to find animals. Now families are complete. People are satisfied with their animals, they keep them but they are no longer looking to adopt others”he believes.


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