Animal wandering: the only culprits are the “irresponsible owners”, claims the TCO

Regarding animal wandering, the TCO indicates in a press release that “the only culprits are the irresponsible owners of these dogs and cats who let them wander”.

The press release from the TCO

The operation to combat animal wandering, carried out this weekend by the TCO and the State, with the help of the EPCIs, may be a cause for concern, but its main objective was to react and call to order the real “culprits”. “, the irresponsible owners!

When we decide to take an animal it is to take care of it, to take care of it and to love it, and this for several years. It is not a toy, a whim, a desire. We are committed for 10 – 15 years at least.

For several years, the TCO, like the other urban communities, has been raising awareness, in schools, during events, door to door, etc. Repeating the messages of responsibility incumbent on animal owners: identification, care, sterilization, cuddles, food, …

The 29 captured dogs will not be euthanized!

On the contrary, they will be returned to their owners and for the others, they will be cared for, identified and sterilized to then be entrusted to associations with a view to their adoption.

“The priority in this operation has been to ensure everyone’s safety. Packs of stray or stray dogs are a real problem that we absolutely cannot minimize. Children, walkers, residents, cyclists are not in danger. security when they encounter dogs which, in groups, become aggressive. The number of reports to our toll-free number continues to increase. We cannot sit idly by!”, specified Emmanuel Séraphin, the president of the TCO.

“From the 2nd day of the operation, we noticed that there were really a lot fewer dogs in the streets. The owners understood the messages and finally kept their dogs at home! We thank the municipal and intermunicipal partners who are quickly mobilized for this operation”he continues.

We are not attacking dogs but dog owners! From now on, the State services and the Mayors of the TCO via their municipal police will systematically enforce the laws and fine the owners of stray dogs.

In addition, a working seminar on the problem of animal wandering bringing together all the players will be organized soon. The main objective is to find solutions and standardize procedures. This subject concerns us all: communities, citizens and businesses, we must work together.

The construction of the future animal refuge in the West will not be able to solve animal wandering in the West. The capacity is limited to about sixty places for dogs and cats.

Until then, the municipal police will be equipped with detectors allowing them to check whether the animals are identified; catches will be optimized (on-call number for law enforcement, night/early evening/early morning interventions); the associations’ quota for free sterilization will be increased.

Actions in progress will be continued:

– transfer of impounded animals to voluntary associations (104 animals being adopted thanks to this system in 2022);

– joint awareness-raising operations with the municipal police to prevent wandering;

– raising awareness of the population door to door, in schools and at events on animal wandering…

It should be remembered that each year, €1.7 million is devoted to the fight against animal wandering in the West.

Some numbers

Operation of Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April 2022

• 12 dogs captured on La Saline and 1 recall of a stray dog ​​returned

to the owner on site;

• 6 dogs on Tan Rouge with 1 call to order for a stray dog ​​returned to the

owner on site

• 11 dogs in Bel Air and 3 reminders to the stray dog ​​law

Other key figures

¼ of reports to the toll-free number concern animal wandering (i.e. around 6,300 requests / year).


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