Animals. Multiple cases of beaten cats in Soppe-le-Bas

Worrying facts are beginning to accumulate in the village of Soppe-le-Bas, a small town in southern Alsace. Many testimonies converge on the possibility that an inhabitant of the town sequesters, mistreats and / or, worse, kills, the pet felines of several residents of the town.

Among the victims, Aline Muller, or rather her cat Caipi, who suffered abuse, the nature of which is confirmed by a veterinarian. “Vibrissae and severed claws, remnant of tape around the neck with traces of rubbing, left eye completely closed with hematoma and discharge, hematoma and scratches on the face. The report leaves no room for doubt.

A complaint filed, support from the 30 Million Friends Foundation assured

The owner naturally filed a complaint on Saturday April 23 with the Burnhaupt-Masevaux gendarmerie. “I have also warned the 30 Million Friends Foundation, which supports our family and possibly other people concerned who will come forward by filing a complaint. What you should not hesitate to do. If necessary, we will be supported in the event of legal proceedings, ”explains the young woman, nurse by profession and firefighter in addition.

Indeed, like Aline Muller, several families, whose animals have also been affected by acts of violence and almost all residing in the same district of the town, are worried and are reporting all the information to the mayor of the town, Jean-Julien Weiss. Asked about this, he said he “takes this matter very seriously” and wants to “centralize all the data”. The elected official also indicates that the Green Brigade is already commissioned for rounds in the indicated perimeter. “Today it’s a cat, but tomorrow it could be a child. We continue to collect information and, if necessary, the municipality reserves the right to file a complaint as well. »

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