Animals. Which dog breeds live the longest (and shortest)?

Is your dog likely to live eight, ten or twelve years? To answer the question that many owners ask about their four-legged friends, the Royal Veterinary College in London conducted a large study on more than 30,000 dogs. Their results were published on April 28 in the prestigious scientific journal Nature.

Between 2016 and 2020, researchers studied characteristics specific to 18 different dog breeds using the VetCompas database, a pet health monitoring service.

The first Jack Russell, the last French Bulldog

It appears from this study that the Jack Russell is the dog that lives on average the longest, with 12.7 years of life expectancy. He is followed by the Yorkshire (12.5 years) and the Border Collie (12.1 years). The Labrador, very popular with the French, comes in 6th position with 11.77 years of life expectancy. It should be noted that crossbred dogs also live relatively long (11.8 years on average).

As the researchers point out, flat-faced dogs, which suffer from health problems more regularly, conversely live much shorter lives. The French bulldog comes at the end of the ranking, with an average life expectancy of 4.5 years. The English Bulldog (7.4 years) and the Pug (7.6 years) are slightly better off, as seen in the graph below.

Females and sterilized dogs more resistant

The study goes further by explaining that dogs are more likely to live longer if they are sterilized, regardless of gender. Also note that females have a slightly higher life expectancy than males of the same breed.

The researchers point out, however, that since the study was conducted in England, the results and classification presented are not necessarily valid in all countries, in particular because of “cultural differences in the practice of euthanasia”, as can be seen. read. In addition, breeds that are not widespread and not widely owned across the Channel were not included in the study, for lack of sufficient specimens to study. Thus, some dogs that do not appear in the table potentially live longer than those studied by the researchers.

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