Antibes is launching a parakeet “hunt” to protect its plane trees and a square

During the last district council “Antibes heart of the city”, the names of birds had flown. No insults between the participants, let us be reassured, but a flight not at all lyrical against the parakeets which for months have taken the habit of squatting the Place De-Gaulle.

More precisely the plane trees which, at nightfall, serve as dormitories for ring-necked parakeets. As this exotic species lives in colonies, of course, their passage leaves traces.

Their droppings become encrusted everywhere: covering the square itself, which even the high-powered jets of water fail to clean completely, street furniture, etc. To the point that they will have to be changed.

Scare campaigns had been announced to convince the parakeets to fly elsewhere. Rest assured, no question of wringing the necks of these elegant birds, all feathered green. Even if the rose-ringed parakeets, present in France, are considered an invasive species, threatening local fauna and crops.

Two campaigns

The City has chosen the “soft” method by calling on professional falconers. Two experimental campaigns are planned. The first started yesterday and will end on June 3. Harris hawks will be used to hover over parakeets and scare them away.

Hopefully the predator move will work. Do not panic, so if, night owl, you attend these strange ballets in the night.

The actors, humans and birds of prey, will take the stage at 6:30 p.m. and then at 4:30 a.m., every day. For the occasion, the public lighting and the signs of the surrounding shops will be turned off every day at 4:30 a.m. The municipal police will keep watch and secure Place De Gaulle during each intervention.

The second scaring campaign is scheduled for November 14 to 18.

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