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Antivax Fabrice Di Vizio summoned before the Bar Association

The media lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio is summoned Tuesday morning before his Order. If the reason is not known, assures him that it is a “political trial”.

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Fabrice Di Vizio, figure of the antivax in France, has an appointment Tuesday morning before the Order of lawyers where he risks until the radiation, indicates the newspaper Liberation. If the Paris Bar does not reveal the reason for this summons, the lawyer reacted to our colleagues.

This is a political trial! I have before me an order of lawyers from Paris which supports Macron, supports the government, and I am the main opposition figure within the Order.he believes. I will be judged by Darmanin’s lawyer when I supported Marine Le Pen between the two rounds of the last presidential election. Fabrice Di Vizio had joined Florian Philippot and other antivax in an anti-Macron front. ” I will therefore be judged because I am vulgar and impetuous, this is what is written in the act of prosecution “, he also continues on a video posted on Twitter.

The reality is probably more complex than that. Me Fabrice Di Vizio has been targeted since November 2021 by a disciplinary procedure by the Paris Bar Association. In question, according to a source familiar with the matter, his virulent statements. In September 2021, France Info revealed that “ complaints from unhappy customers [avaient] been received by the Board “, which Fabrice Di Vizio had denied.

Antivax and media figure

Shrill voice, round glasses, leather jacket, this lawyer specializing in public health law became a media personality from the start of the health crisis, in the spring of 2020. Regular guest on the show Do not touch My TV of Cyril Hanouna on C8, he also often displayed himself alongside Florian Philippot, who boasted to AFP of a man ” passionate in his fight and demanding in his argument “.

He announced his withdrawal from public life last year and then defended Professor Didier Raoult, sued before the Order of Physicians for having violated several articles of the code of medical ethics by promoting hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19.

Me Di Vizio is also at the origin of appeals and massive collective actions against members of the government. Several thousand complaints had thus arrived in a few weeks at the CJR about the management of the Covid-19 epidemic. This “ legal harassment as the lawyer called it, was a well-established practice, according to former clients.

He told doctors to do actions at twenty or at fifty “Recalls Doctor Jérôme Marty, President of the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML) represented by the lawyer between 2013 and 2015. “ It was 50 to 100 euros per person. Members paid several times and complained that it did not succeed. »

Nearly 20,000 complaints invalidated

When Emmanuel Macron announced the generalization of the health pass and the vaccination obligation for caregivers, Me Di Vizio introduced two new remedies: 1.20 euros per signatory against the pass and between 100 and 300 euros depending on the professional categories against the obligation. vaccine. The system was even industrialized a little later thanks to a website on which there are models of complaints and appeals.

Practices that have brought in a lot of money for the lawyer but which have never succeeded, and for good reason: only the Court of Justice of the Republic can prosecute members of the government. It therefore invalidated last January the some 20,000 complaints filed via the DiVizio system.

Me Di Vizio had already been sanctioned by his peers in July 2015: 18 months ban on practicing the profession of lawyer, reduced to six months suspended on appeal in September 2016.

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