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Apple promo: Is your cat cheating on you? Here’s how to find out!

News good plan Apple promo: Is your cat cheating on you? Here’s how to find out!

It is well known that cats are known to choose the people they want to share their lives with. You probably have to ask yourself what your cat is doing when he goes out into the street with his back turned: does he want to see people other than you? If you want to find out, this Apple promotion is really current!

What if your cat actually had crazy adventures like Stray Cat in Stray on PS5? To find out, you can equip your cat with an AirTag that you can link to your iPhone. For once, the moment is really well chosen, as the Apple Airtag is currently €33.85 on Amazon instead of €39.00.

Buy AirTag (for iOS) for €33.85 on Amazon

Buy SmartTag for €32.35 (for Samsung) on ​​Amazon

Do you have a Samsung smartphone? Don’t panic, we haven’t forgotten you and we’ve been looking for an alternative compatible with your device. You especially have that SmartTag designed for Samsung smartphones and can be found in a black version for €32.35 on Amazon and in a white version for €36.99.

Is your cat cheating on you? Take it with your paw in the bag if he cheats on you with the neighbor!

You can never be sure what your cat is doing at night, or even during the day, when you are away from home. What is certain is that your cat has a busy life! If you live in the city, he might just wander down dark, narrow alleys like he’s in Stray… anyway, it’s also possible that your whiskered buddy is visiting another human…

Imagine your cat going to seek new caresses from your neighbor, or that he takes extra at dinner time at the end of the street at the local restaurant?

To know exactly where your cat goes, you can put an AirTag on the collar or a SmartTag if you are not on iOS. If you do not have a suitable collar for your cat, this can do the trick. Just remove the bell: we’re not sure your cat will make it!

Thanks to the IP67 certification, if your cat takes a bath at midnight or goes for a walk in the rain, your AirTag will continue to function properly. If your cat gets lost and you had the good idea to give it an AirTag, you still have a chance to find it thanks to the huge community of users of Apple products. You just need to activate the “lost” mode on the “Find” application.

As soon as a person with an iPhone product passes near your tracker, you will therefore receive a notification without the person concerned being notified.

Buy AirTag (for iOS) for €33.85 on Amazon

Buy SmartTag (for Samsung) for €32.35 on Amazon

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