Are French cities dog-friendly, in your opinion?

Having a dog in town has its advantages… and its disadvantages. Far from the forest, don’t forget to pick up your pet’s droppings on the sidewalks. But the self-service bags, offered by some cities for this purpose, are not always located near the “crime” scene. There is also the problem of greenery. What four-legged friend doesn’t dream of lounging in the grass? But that’s without counting on the number of city parks that are forbidden to dogs. Also, where to find a veterinarian, yet essential for the medical follow-up of your dog, near your home?

In short, a dog in town is not easy. And many people are affected by this situation. According to a study by Statista, in 2021 more than 65% of French households had a pet, including a quarter a dog. Holidu is launching this year its first ranking of the most suitable cities in France to welcome our companions, whether for holidays or to live there. Spoiler: Paris is not at the top of the ranking. We find in the top 3: La Rochelle, Clermont-Ferrand and Chambéry.

And you, owner of your beloved “bibou”, are you satisfied with the welcome given to your dog in your city? What difficulties do you encounter on a daily basis? Or, what are the facilities put in place by your municipality that you appreciate? Are the restaurants tolerant with the reception of your animal? Do you have access to a dog-friendly green space nearby? Share your opinion or your personal experience by filling out the form below. Your testimonials will be used to write an article. Thanks in advance.

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