Arnaud Delvenne of Top Chef signs a very gourmet collaboration with Poké House

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Want to discover new flavors? Go for it, this recipe will only be available for a month.

You must have heard of Poké House before. The restaurant chain, specializing in poké bowls, as its name suggests, was born in 2018. Lara accompanied by her brother, Elia, and her fiancé, Sammy, opened their first restaurant in Ixelles and very quickly met with wild success. Four years later, the trio now owns eight restaurants in the capital, but also in Flanders and Wallonia.

©Poke House

Very fans of Top Chef since always, the three accomplices of Poké House had already collaborated last year with Mathieu Vande Velde, Belgian candidate for the 12th season of the show. He had thus imagined an ephemeral recipe available for a month. This year, it is with Arnaud Delvenne that they wanted to collaborate. The Belgian candidate who dazzles this thirteenth season of Top Chef and whom we have already had the chance to meet for an exclusive interview. “There were three Belgian candidates this year in Top Chef, but Arnaud was really our favorite. We contacted him and the current immediately passed between us, we even became a group of friends »explains Lara.

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For his part, the Belgian candidate, who qualified for the semi-finals of Top Chef, explains that he really appreciated the way of working of Poké House and its universe. After thinking for several weeks with the team of his restaurant, Nono, he in turn developed an ephemeral poke bowl recipe that will be found in all the establishments of the chain during the month of June.

A well thought out recipe

We had the opportunity to watch the chef make this new recipe himself in the Poké House workshops. Because if you didn’t know, the chain has all its ingredients delivered to a unique workshop located in Forest. A team then works on cutting the fruits, vegetables and meats which are then sent to the various restaurants. A way to ensure the freshness of the products and a certain uniformity in the dishes offered.

©DR Lara acts as kitchen assistant to Arnaud.

Behind his work plan, Arnaud Delvenne wears a big smile. He begins to tell us about his love for Thai cuisine that he has discovered several times during his travels. The chef underwent a gastric bypass a few years ago, and is now particularly fond of poké bowls for their lightness. It is in this state of mind that he developed this new recipe. “I had carte blanche! The idea was to design a healthy street-food dish that you could eat at any time of the day. I didn’t want you to feel heavy after eating if you go back to work after lunch, for example”.

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This bowl is made up of a sushi rice base, sesame oil mayonnaise, papaya salad, a mixture of fresh herbs and spicy minced poultry. Arnaud Delvenne opted for a topping consisting of grilled Thai rice, pomegranates and crushed peanuts, all with a spicy sauce served on the side. Good to know, the chicken in this poké is halal. A delicious recipe, light, rich in flavors and which jostles our taste buds. “I wanted to go for simplicity, for the elegance of tastes. No need for luxury products to eat well, you just have to cook with the heart. »

This new poké can be found in all the restaurants of the chain, on site or to take away. It is also possible to order it exclusively on Uber Eats.

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