Astrology: what is your ideal dog according to your sign?

The dog is man’s best friend. They never fail to be there when you need them and even when you don’t! A little slack and presto, Jean-Claude the bulldog will perform his circus act specially designed for you! And just like us, each of the races has its own little something extra, its unique character. Which dog would you get along best with? Don’t forget, before buying a dog, go to the nearest shelter, you could fall madly in love with a hairy one who will thank you for the rest of his life!

Best dog breeds for your sign

If you are Taurus, you appreciate the finer things in life. While all dogs are loyal, you will probably prefer the Boxer or the Cavalier King Charles. These two will only have eyes for you. Gemini friends, curious and full of energy, you will love sharing your life with a Border Collie or a Bichon Frize. These very active dogs will always be ready to follow you on a new adventure!

Dear Cancers, you are very family. Relationships with your loved ones are at the forefront of your home. We recommend a Bulldog or a Rotweiller. They are very protective dogs that will also cover with love. Lion friends, you need a dog as sexy as you! A dog with charm and charisma whose positivity is foolproof. You need a Dachshund! Always smiling, the Dachshund is also a dog very focused on his physique: he must be like you: perfect!

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Dogs for all tastes and for all characters!

Virgo friends, several dogs are made for you! The choice is difficult. The Border Collie, the Greyhound or even the Pointer and the Shetland Sheepdog will fit perfectly into your life. Courageous, you will recognize yourself in these races. Libras need a gentle, easy-going, even-tempered dog. It is a big dog that you need, without hesitation! Overflowing with love, although a bit bulky, the Newfoundland will shower you with love! Regarding Scorpios, force of nature, resourceful, courageous and passionate, a Japanese Spaniel will know how to adapt to your life, all fired up!

For Sagittarians, it’s a party-loving dog who will get along with you! Your ideal dog is not afraid of travel and would follow you around the world! Fun and daring, the Jack Russel will be part of your suitcase, wherever you go! Capricorns, robust sign of the zodiac, your dog must be calm and disciplined. A Sharpei or a Shiba Inu, independent but sensitive, could be the partner you are looking for! Aquarius, a beauty like a Lhasa Apso, whose maintenance will be a real pleasure for you, is your ideal dog. Joyful and mischievous, he will know exactly how to make you a fulfilled master!.

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