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at Patchguard, well-kept dogs and tourists who visit freely

It is sometimes impossible to enter certain tourist places with your dog. In Strasbourg until December 31, 2022, Patchguard takes care of the animal for one or a few hours. What to visit freely.

Arriving from Normandy with two large dogs, the Hue-Perron family is determined to visit Haut-Koenigsbourg. While preparing for her visit, Josée, the mother of the family realizes that dogs are not allowed on the tourist site. In a few clicks, she comes across Patchguard, a new service offered in Strasbourg.

Installed at 4 rue des Douanes, in the heart of the Alsatian capital, since July 11, 2022, Patchguard allows dog owners to take full advantage of their Alsatian stay, without worrying about the care of their pet.

“A very good initiative”, rejoices Josée Hue-Perron, who has come to drop off Malice and Cromesquis for five hours. The two large dogs are welcomed with open arms by two “pet-sitters”.

The two young women listen carefully to the recommendations of the mistress of the two dogs: “Cromesquis is cool but with Malice, you have to be careful when you come across another dog on a leash”. Trained as a veterinary assistant, Marion Santisteban, pet-sitter during the summer, explains that owners are often a little worried about leaving their pets: “You just have to reassure themr.”

A final caress and Josée Hue-Perron turns on her heels. It is then up to the two young women to reassure Malice and Cromesquis, who are not very disturbed, it must be admitted. Sarah Ulm has her technique: “We give them lots of hugs!”

To access this service, dogs (or rather their masters) must present their vaccination record. They then benefit from a closed room of 100 m² enriched with toys of all kinds. There are a few cages intended “to the most stressed dogs while they acclimatize“, precise Marion Santisteban: “Most of the time, they move freely in the room. Cohabitation generally goes very well.”

The dogs are not fed but they can drink water at will. Some treats are still provided to stimulate them a little. Every two hours: short 20-minute union and health walk in the district.

On the price side, it is necessary to count 10 euros for the first hour. The following hours are decreasing, especially if the owner has several dogs.

Patchguard can accommodate up to nine dogs simultaneously. Since the launch of this service on July 11, 30 doggies have benefited from this tailor-made caretaking.

In some buildings or museums, man’s best friend is not always desired. This is also the case on board the Batorama barges. Well aware of the inconvenience this can pose for its customers, the river trip company refers them to Patchguard.

Didier and Anne Thibaud, a couple from Nîmes are passing through Alsace with their chihuahua Pepito: “We take turns: when I visit, my wife keeps the dog and then we reverse”. A somewhat restrictive organization. Next time, the couple will no doubt be tempted by this babysitting service. And why not for the Christmas market? Patchguard remains open until December 31, 2022.

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