Atlético de Madrid cannot ‘continue like this’, warns Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak, goalkeeper and captain of Atlético de Madrid, after the defeat in Bilbao (0-2), at the microphone of Movistar +: ” I do not understand. In the locker room, it looks like everything is fine, then you walk on the pitch and you get two yellow cards in five minutes and everything gets complicated. I don’t know where we’re headed but today (Saturday), she was not on the pitch at the start of the match. It is not possible to continue like this.

We keep telling ourselves that we have to do better, but if we don’t, it’s useless. I don’t have an answer to what’s going on. It’s never happened since I’ve been at the club. My teammates have personality and desire, but on the pitch, we don’t show it. I don’t know what’s going on. We have to find the problem and solve it quickly, because there are only four games left, and we have to qualify for the Champions League, it’s mandatory, because otherwise we’re going to have big problems. . »


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