He catches a 135 kg crocodile pike, an aquatic monster from another time

A Texas fisherman recently distinguished himself by catching a monster of impressive size. Payton Moore is an American fishing enthusiast! His thing is the “no limit” which consists of catching big catches before releasing them into the water. This 32-year-old Texan fisherman is constantly looking for a new challenge with in the back of his … Read more

Summer terraces | The Press

New, improved or simply unmissable, there are many terraces to explore during the summer season on the Island of Montreal. Here are 10 that stand out. Posted at 11:00 a.m. Iris Gagnon Paradise The Press Poincare Chinatown The Poincaré terrace is probably the best-kept secret in town right now — but not for long! The … Read more

“Taha killed me”: Bouhafs’ lawyer distances himself after accusations of sexual violence

“Taha killed me”, he said on Twitter. Lawyer Arié Alimi, who has defended militant journalist Taha Bouhafs in several cases, announces that he will no longer be his lawyer following accusations of sexual violence against the former legislative candidate. “Everyone knows the ties that bind me to him. The friendship that we have had and … Read more