Ashamed: Zoé and Maya, two Jack Russels, sprayed with acid in their kennel in Aywaille

By Arnaud Bisschop Judicial journalist at La Meuse | Published on 6/08/2022 at 19:26 On Friday, two dogs were voluntarily sprayed with an acid product. Severely burned, their lives are in danger. A veterinary practice in Aywaille tries everything to save the two Jack Russels. Explanations. ****** *********** ** ****** ********* ******** ** ****** *** … Read more

Animal wandering: the SPA alerts the population

Animal wandering is a real scourge in our department. On vacation, like the rest of the year, there are many abandoned dogs and cats. The Sainte-Marie SPA is always full. Thus, young residents are waiting to find a family. L’wandering animal is a phenomenon that persists in Reunion. Indeed, on the island, the abandonment of … Read more

Unexpected reunion between a lost cat and its family after 4 years of anguish

In search of her cat for 4 years, a woman was overwhelmed with emotion when she recognized him in photos posted by an animal protection association. The members of the shelter staff were just as happy to witness such a wonderful reunion. © Humane Society of Richland County/Facebook For the team of the shelter where … Read more

Video games: the images of these cats fascinated by the feline of “Stray” go around social networks

The video game “Stray”, developed in Montpellier, seems to appeal to cats a lot. The images and videos circulating on social networks are massively shared and a Twitter account has even been created. Living the life of a cat… Many dreamed of it. The “Stray” video game, which was released on PC and consoles on … Read more