Lyon already have a hand on the trophy, Hegerberg equals Di Stefano!

Zapping World Eleven EXCLUDED: Arkadiusz Milik’s “Little Brother” interview! Olympique Lyonnais wants to recover its crown. After giving up the European title to Barça last season, Sonia Bompastor’s players are taking their revenge. In a one-sided first period, the Lyonnaises took a serious option on the title by leading comfortably (3-1). Everything started perfectly with … Read more

gourmet dinners in the sky with top local chefs

Arcachon Expansion, which drives tourism and culture in the city, is behind this dinner in the sky of Arcachon. “We wanted a different, more innovative event that would make an impression and was intended to surprise,” explained the director of Arcachon Expansion, Frédérique Dugény, during the presentation of this concept to the press. So what … Read more

IN PICTURES – In Bléré, “mad love” between the dogs and the gendarmes of the canine investigation group

At the Bléré gendarmerie, the kennel and dog facilities are part of the premises, like the rooms of the two-legged soldiers. Ibiza, Tyson and Rocky, the three dogs of the canine investigation group, are pampered by the dog masters who are particularly attentive to their education. Each policeman in the group has his canine partner, … Read more

Metz LIVE: A last fireworks display from Kylian Mbappé to celebrate the extension? Follow the game with us…

Hola chicas, hola chicos! It’s the big day, finally normally. You never know with Kylian, at any time he can do a 180 degree drift. But everything still seems to indicate that this time is the right one. Mbappé should FINALLY announce where he will play next year? PSG? Real? Paris ? Madrid? Nasser? Florentine? … Read more

Massive recall in France: do not consume this product dangerous to health, it can cause serious allergies, it is a Monoprix sandwich

It was the store itself that launched the alert. The ham-Emmental sandwiches sold in self-service at Monoprix would have a big problem with labeling. Some consumers risk serious allergies by eating them. Chain reminders As far as mass distribution is concerned, the first half of this year was marked by inflation, shortages and product recalls. … Read more

Why do dogs lick their masters?

When dogs lick their masters or other dogs, it is an instinctive behavior specific to their evolution, as explained in an article published on the specialized site Perito Animal. Licking is therefore an attitude that aims to strengthen the affective and emotional bond between beings belonging to the same social group or pack. Discover the … Read more