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“Band of assholes”. Jazz accused of abandoning her dogs!

Jazz adopted a new dog and it was enough for his haters to accuse him of the worst. Currently showing at The Battle of the Clans and to that of the JLC Family, the mother of Cayden, Chelsea and London stepped up to the plate. Indeed, for several days now, many people have been accusing her, on social networks, of having abandoned her dogs when she has just adopted another. Neither one nor two, she took to her Instagram account to answer them and let’s say she didn’t mince her words…

“You don’t give a fuck but following me when you don’t love me”

In her story, Laurent’s wife first revealed that she had adopted a fifth dog, from a farm in France, and in order to support the owner, she decided to quote her Instagram account. From there, her detractors accused her of having abandoned her other dogs of which she no longer posts photos and even pushed her to have to delete her story where she spoke of the owner of the dog farm. “My dogs are not abandoned! Be it Blue, Heart, Simba or Scarla, they are in my house in Dubai with my nannies and my driver. They are doing very well! We have not abandoned any dogs, they are in my house !! (…) Did you understand that we still lived in Dubai?! You’re freaking me out! “, she blurted out of her on Instagram.

And to add: “These people work! Garbage! They took a long time to have their community, they share their little puppies, I am a customer with them. I shared because I receive a lot of questions and you, the haters of Shit, you blowing their account because I ‘ditched’ my dogs? But where did I dump my dogs you you assholes! That’s actually driving me crazy!” . The young woman beside herself continued her attack on the “frustrated” and the “jealous”, always with the outspokenness that we know her. “I haven’t freaked out like this in years. I can’t take it anymore! You’re being ignored, you’re still here! You go so far as to hurt people who don’t have you. nothing done! You are ashamed, wicked, you disgust me. (…) I am very upset not for myself but for this poor lady whom I would have done better not to identify because you are mentally deranged and that you do not you don’t give a fuck but follow me when you don’t like me”, finished Jazz.

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