Baratier. A first hotel for cats in the Embrunais

Here are two sisters who love cats. Diane Fontagnier announces the first: “I have always had cats and when I had to be away, I was faced with the problem of keeping them. She continues: “All the studies show that there are more and more pets, mostly cats, and that people attach more and more importance to their well-being. In full confinement, I decided to embark on the creation of a boarding house for cats. With my sister Étoile we created a limited liability company and I tackled the administrative formalities. I did a training course to obtain the Acaced, a compulsory diploma. We have fitted out a building in the industrial zone of Liou, in Baratier, and on April 23 we opened our “Cat stars hotel” with already a first resident”.

Diane devotes herself full time to her feline residents. Part-time star only, because she keeps another job. The feline pension welcomes cats for the day or for long stays. They are taken care of, fed, watched, looked after, cuddled by professionals. The guesthouse respects strict reception, hygiene and safety standards. It is controlled by the Departmental Directorate of Veterinary Services (DDSV).

Sixteen “spacious single rooms”

Like a classic hotel, the Pension féline des Alpes offers sixteen “spacious single rooms”, including two VIP rooms of 4.8 m². But it’s not just the surface that matters, here the cats have space, everything is designed for the well-being of the animal: basket, litter, cat tree, even ventilation and air conditioner. During the day, the cats, if they wish, can go and play with their fellow cats in a common area equipped with games and a cat wall, under the supervision of a professional. The animals are even continuously monitored by a video surveillance device. The premises are secured to prevent any escape or, conversely, intrusion.

Throughout his stay, news of the cat is given to the owner with photos, videos and maybe soon he will be able to see his cat live via a webcam. The owner can also request many additional services: medication, treatment, brushing, etc.

Pension féline des Alpes (46, impasse des Courlis, in Baratier) on 06 30 91 07 41 or [email protected]

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