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Bas-Lieu: the dogs seized in the house of horror have found a new home

After the fright, here is the time for good news. The fifteen dogs found abandoned in a house in Bas-Lieu at the beginning of August were all able to be saved and taken in by associations.

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On Hirson’s SPA Facebook page, the Yorkshires are simply unrecognizable. Internet users can observe them through a short video, where the dogs play in the middle of nature after regaining their strength. Nothing to do with the images released on August 3. These animals had been found abandoned in the horror house of Bas-Lieu. A few days earlier, it was a passerby who had contacted the gendarmerie, alerted by the barking inside the accommodation. The fifteen dogs lived alone in the midst of filth, next to the corpses of other animals in a state of decomposition, and their owner answered absent subscribers.

Today, all the dogs could be welcomed in associations or adopted in foster families », Reveals Karine Vaillant, head of the SPA. With the Hirson branch being packed this summer, the volunteers were unable to provide shelter for the Yorkshires. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been pampered. ” Their condition was very worrying, their backs were covered with excrement, recalls Karine Vaillant. Some weren’t even able to walk because it weighed on them so much. We offered them a complete grooming. Their skin was eaten away by fleas and ticks, they were dehydrated. The rescue arrived in time. Two more days spent in this house of horror and the dogs would not have survived.

Current procedure

At the same time, the investigation by the gendarmes of the Avesnes-sur-Helpe company is continuing in order to understand how such a serious situation could have arisen. The tenant in question was heard by the military. “
I was in dispute with him because the rents had not been paid for a good year,
indicates the owner of the house. A bailiff has since been seized, a procedure is underway. Which also seized the authorities so that the premises could be recognized as unsanitary by the North prefecture. They must undergo a complete disinfection, but until the steps have borne fruit, the owner cannot commit anything or even enter the accommodation. He will have to take his troubles patiently.

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