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Beautiful Celtic legend of the black and white cat with yellow eyes

Here is one of the most beautiful legends, the legend of the black and white cat.

Buigh (meaning yellow) was a black cat that her master took everywhere with him, he walked with her, shared his food with her, slept with her, even talked with her, they were always together, the cat adored her, he called her Buigh because with his big yellow eyes.

Buigh was a black cat with big yellow eyes, who had an owner she adored and who took her everywhere with him, they walked together. He shared her food, slept next to her, and even talked with her. They were always close and her cat adored her.

But everything changed when her owner went to sea. As he didn’t want anything to happen to the cat, he preferred to leave her in the care of her mother. Her mother locked her in the barn so she wouldn’t follow her son to the port.

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Buigh meowed for weeks waiting for his masteruntil one morning a neighbor brings bad news to the mother of its owner : there had been a strong storm and a wave had carried away his son. When Buigh heard this, she fled the house and ran towards the beach. Since her owner wasn’t there, she started walking along the shore looking for him.

A long time passed and the cat was thin, tired and didn’t want to continue. Arrived at Kirkwall, in the north of the country, she looks at the cliff and said to the ocean: “Take me with him to the bottom of your abyss, I give you my immortal soul, because without him there is no place for me in this world” A giant wave appeared, taking with it the cat, which closed eyes and let himself be carried away by the ocean.

She woke up in the arms of a man who was drying her with love, she opened her eyes and looked at him, this man was her owner, who, seeing her, regained the memory he had lost after that accident on the high seas. The man recognized her by her big yellow eyes, but noticed that his fur was different.

He heard a deep voice coming from the ocean saying to him: She offered me her soul in exchange for returning with you, but I cannot deprive the world of such a noble soul, in exchange she will carry my memory in her coat, the foam of the sea and a gift that I grant him and his descendants, they will bring harmony and joy to every home they inhabit.”

Since then, there have been black and white cats, who carry Buigh’s legacy and the gift of bringing harmony and joy to those who share their lives.

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