Belfort. A restaurant is incorporating legal cannabis into its dishes this week

To concoct his pesto not really like the others, Antoine Reboul played sorcerer’s apprentice with CBD, the legal cannabis he decided to put in the spotlight in the suggestions of the week. “I first tried to roast it with my pine nuts, but the result was not satisfactory”, confided this Tuesday the co-manager and pizza maker of the restaurant “Nenni ma foi”. “So, then I tried marinating it in oil and then smoking it, and then…the flavor really came out more. »

A risotto, a pizza, a crumble…

All that remained, then, was to season his special pizza, the “Bob” (marinara base with San Marzano tomatoes, variegated cherry tomatoes and huge burrata coiled in the middle), with the experimental pesto that his customers will have any leisure to discover this week.

The same goes for the other proposals added to the menu this week: a long-infused CBD gin and tonic, a pepper risotto that sees this legal cannabis infuse into the broth incorporated into the rice, or even this crumble in which it is marinated with strawberries.

Introduce a new product

“Please note, I would like to point out that the goal is above all not for customers to feel the effects”, continues the young restaurateur. “The idea is really to introduce this product as an aromatic herb and introduce them to a new product. »

Four varieties used

Coming from Switzerland via the Belfortain store “High Society”, the organic plants are thus worked and incorporated with accuracy and balance, using several varieties in passing. Among these, the “frozen lime”, the “diesel” or even, in the risotto, a CBD called “amnesia”. It remains to be hoped that customers do not forget, in the process, to return to their place of work…

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