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Benjamin Castaldi loses his nerves by evoking his cousin attacked by a dog, “we could see his trachea”

For Benjamin Castaldi, the answer is clear: a dog that attacks a human should simply be euthanized. This is what he said in Do not touch My TVWednesday, September 7, 2022.”A dog that has tasted blood must be removed, full stop” The columnist was particularly annoyed by the subject as it affects him. For good reason, he explained thatone of his cousins ​​had been attacked by a dog. “I had a little cousin who lost half of the face and half of the throat. You could see his trachea. That little girl, now she got a breathing machine“, revealed Benjamin Castaldi, very upset and touched by this memory. “We picked up my little cousin’s cheek on the table with her vocal cords exposed. We stopped him [le chien, ndlr.] a few centimeters from the Jugular“, said the facilitator a few minutes later.

If Benjamin Castaldi made this chilling revelation, it is because Cyril Hanouna returned to an attack that sends shivers down your spine. It took place on September 6, 2022 in the North of France. “An 18-month-old girl was bitten in the face and forearm by the family dog. She was rushed to hospital in Lille. The animal is a wolfdog, a species that is not recognized as domesticated by the Central Canine Society“, declared Cyril Hanouna before launching a debate.

The debate was heated over the



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