Better eat at the cinema? Vinegar popcorn and anti-waste cookies soon in theaters

CINEMA – Iced infusions, Japanese-inspired snacks or vegetable sorbets… The winners of the “Better eating at the cinema” competition, whose jury was chaired by chef Chloé Charles, unveiled at the beginning of May, invite you to indulge in cinemas. All while distinguishing itself from the products that are too greasy, salty or sweet usually offered.

At the origin of the competition, the association “Eating better at the cinema” wishes to “rethink the culinary offer in cinemas and other cultural places”. It was to encourage healthier and ecological alternatives that it launched “Eating better at the cinema”, in November 2021. The idea was also to “contribute to an awakening of taste and create new habits in cinemas” , specifies the association.

To be rewarded, the winning products had to be “gourmet, good for health and good for the planet” but also “without controversial ingredients”, “creative and anti-waste”. To these criteria was added that of their adaptation to the cinema.

Salty side

A variant of the traditional popcorn, the Prix Salé returned to popcorn with cider vinegar and seaweed from the Breizh Pop brand.

In the savory grocery store, there is also the Prize for the best hope, awarded to the “nagiri”, a Japanese-inspired snack from the Nani brand. “A triangle of fluffy rice, topped with a savory filling and wrapped in crunchy nori seaweed”.

sweet side

More fond of sweet pleasures? The association recommends its Sweet Price, puffed balls with coral lentils and brown rice coated with chocolate from the Elsy Food brand. The plus: “They are gluten-free, without artificial flavors, without sweeteners and without palm oil.”

The Coup de Coeur Prize also rewards sweets with the biscuits from the Kignon project of Biscuiterie Handi-gaspi. Made from recycled unsold organic bread, they are made by people with disabilities in Nantes.

Pleasure drink

And to sip? It is the iced infusions of the Bienfaits brand that were rewarded with the Drinking Prize. These come in four flavors: verbena and raspberry juice, blackcurrant and blackcurrant juice, peppermint and apple juice, rosemary and sour cherry juice.

Frozen delight

Finally, the Prix Glacé was awarded to 100% plant-based fruit sorbets and organic ice creams made from Breton barley malt from the Le Verger Perdu brand.

All award-winning products will be available in “motivated” cinemas from September 2022.

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