Beware of fertilizers in the gardens: more than 50 dogs already poisoned

With spring, the gardens come back to life. But be careful with fertilizers because they are dangerous for our animals. According to the Poison Control Center, cases of poisoning are increasing in dogs.

With the return of fine weather, animals tend to ingest fertilizer spread on lawns. “Mine, he walks everywhere and I have no control. If he can sneak into a private garden, he will”, confides the owner of a dog.

Since the beginning of the year, 51 dogs have already been poisoned by the fertilizer used by gardeners, because it represents a danger for our animals. “For example, there are fertilizers based on cocoa husks or based on castor oil cake. All of them can be dangerous for animals”, says Régine Pire pharmacist at the Poisons Center. Harmful substances, but also blood and bone or feather meal. “Which means that dogs, in particular, are very attracted to these fertilizers to go and eat them”, warn the pharmacist.

If your four-legged friend likes to snoop around, some precautions can be taken. “If the fertilizer has just been deposited in the garden, perhaps prevent the dog from having access to this garden. It is also necessary to pay attention to all the plants that are in a pot. As far as possible, avoid contact with areas that are known to be at risk”advises a veterinarian in Schaerbeek.

In the event of ingestion, please park the product packaging securely and contact your veterinarian or the Poison Control Center.

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