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Beware of these 3 foods not to give to your dog.

When our little companions make eyes at us, because they want to taste what we cook or eat, we are used to giving in easily to their insistent gaze. By slipping them a small bite or a small piece of what we eat or prepare, we think we will make them happy. However, by giving in to their little whims, we often forget that it can be very dangerous for them.

Their digestive system being different from ours, foods and products that are totally healthy and beneficial for us can cause food intolerances, and even serious disorders or health problems, in them. Some may even be harmful or toxic to them. Is your dog gluttonous by nature? Or maybe you just have a habit of sharing your dishes and meals with him? Discover in this article the 3 foods that you should not give him.



It may seem quite surprising, but chocolate is a particularly dangerous food for dogs due to its high theobromine content. While this component which acts as a cardiac stimulant is rather harmless for humans, it can cause serious health problems in our four-legged friends. Passing into the blood of the animal, theobromine acts as a poison by causing cardiac hyperactivity.

This disorder can appear at the beginning, 4 to 5 hours after ingestion of the food, by diarrhea and vomiting. Subsequently, the dog may show more alarming symptoms (severe dehydration, heart problems, etc.), quite revealing signs of poisoning. The disorder, evolving at this stage, can quickly lead to the death of the animal.

According to specialists, consumption of 150 g to 200 g of chocolate can be enough to cause fatal acute poisoning in a 10 kg dog. If the food has been ingested regularly in small quantities (in small bits at regular intervals), the poisoning will be chronic. The dog can survive some attacks, but he will present serious cardiovascular problems.

Garlic and onions

garlic and onion

Since they contain thiosulphate as well as allyl and propyl disulphide, garlic and onion are also dangerous for our doggies. These organosulfur compounds are toxic to dogs because they damage his blood by destroying the main element that composes it: the red blood cells.
This disorder is usually manifested by vomiting, shortness of breath, anemia and tachycardia. Since the cells are destroyed prematurely while their production rate remains normal, the blood can no longer perform its primary function of supplying oxygen to the body.

Again, the poisoning will be acute if the food is ingested in large quantities. Onions having a higher toxic power, repeated ingestion of small doses will lead to chronic poisoning that can cause the death of the animal.I.

Dairy products

dog dairy product consumptionDairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurts, creams, ice cream, etc.) contain lactose. And since our companions do not have enzymes allowing their organism to properly assimilate this substance, they find themselves confronted with a problem of intolerance each time they consume these foods. This intolerance is generally manifested by intestinal disorders (vomiting and diarrhoea) which can be particularly intense in adult dogs.

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