Bichettes x Confiture Parisienne: 2 exclusive dinners imagined by a quartet of women in Paris!

Dear gourmets, we have a secret to tell you! On June 1 and 2, the restaurant “Bichettes” and the famous “Parisian jam” jam come together to offer you 2 exceptional gourmet evenings. At Paris Secret, we had the chance to test the Menu exclusively, and we can only advise you to go for it with your eyes closed. Bichons and bichettes we assure you, these 2 four-handed dinners promise to make your taste buds sparkle!

Book your dinner for June 1st. For June 2th it’s over here!

The history of Bichettes de Belleville & Parisian Jam

Belleville Bichettes, it is the story of 2 girlfriends. After having cut their teeth at the hotel school, Hortense and Agatha have the same dream: to open together a restaurant that looks like them, a place to live where flavors of yesteryear would pay homage to their grandmothers. And they did! It is very close to the Canal Saint-Martin, rue Marie et Louise, that Bichettes was born. In a friendly atmosphere, Les Bichettes invite epicureans to taste recipes handed down by their ancestors, around a good bottle selected from Grandpa’s secret cellar. Small plates to share, comforting casseroles like at home revisited, desserts from your childhood… Bichettes, it’s pure emotion, sincerity and a delight for the taste buds, but also a story of women!

Diners Bichettes x Parisian Jam

This good taste of tradition, authenticity and generosity, we find it at Parisian jam. In 2015, Nadege and Laura have written their own story, driven by the same desire: to create exceptional jams with superior quality products. Since, fine palates flock to their workshop nestled under the Viaduc des Arts to taste the unique flavors of these tasty jams, presented in attractive white lacquered pots. Developed using traditional and artisanal methods, the delights of Confiture Parisienne meet all sweet cravings, from breakfast to snack, including dinner for sweet and savory flavors.

Two gourmet evenings organized by a 100% female quartet

Diners Bichettes x Parisian Jam

Strengthened by their favorite meeting and united by the love of beauty, good food and emotion, Bichettes and Parisian Jam suitable for gourmets for 2 exceptional evenings. Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 June from 7:30 p.m., the quartet invites about fifteen privileged guests to 17 avenue Daumesnil, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. In a refined, chic and bohemian decor, discerning palates will be pampered during an intimate and exclusive meal. A gourmet parenthesis not to be missed under any circumstances.

Bichettes x Confiture Parisienne, June 1 and 2, 2022 (17, avenue Daumesnil Paris 12) 15 people max per evening.


Diners Bichettes x Parisian Jam

Cocktail/Champagne-Starter-Main Course-Dessert with food and wine pairings €70 1 glass of Champagne or 1 Cocktail


Focaccia / Bottarga / Cherry and Kalamata jam / Candied cherry tomato with basil oil


Veal hanger in tataki massaged with onions and Saint Georges night jelly / Onion confit deglazed with meat and ginger cooking juice / French peas


Spring onion petal / Corn and curry foam / Yellow lemon brunoise / Mini roasted red pepper / Harissa jam


by Chef Cassandra
Peppermint lemon cream, crumble, pink champagne vintage jelly, strawberry marmalade, red fruits

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