Bidoche, the dream restaurant for meat lovers, hidden in a butcher’s shop!

Notice to bon vivants“meat lovers”, and followers of hidden restaurants… In Paris, discover Bidoche, the restaurant of (very) good meat hidden in the back of a butcher’s shop. Ready to get your fill?

Butcher by day, restaurant by night… Welcome to Bidoche!

Passing in front of number 7 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud in the 11th arrondissement: a butcher’s shop. During the day, Parisians flock there to do their shopping and unearth beautiful cuts of meat. But at nightfall, Bidoche begins its metamorphosis. Passing through the door, lovers of good food discover hanging pieces of meat and refrigerated display cases. So far, nothing new under the sun. But at the back of the butcher’s shop, a curtain intrigues.

Bidoche restaurant butcher Paris

In his back room, Bidoche hides a restaurant. At the heart of a confidential dining room on the stone walls, a few meat lovers are seated. À la carte, we begin hostilities with copious charcuterie boards to share with our friends, around a good bottle of red. Then, back to the butcher’s area to choose THE piece that will end up in our bellies. In the window, the choice is difficult. But the team Bidoche will be able to advise you perfectly.

Bidoche restaurant butcher Paris

Breed of meat, grammage… It’s very simple, you will pay your meat by weight! Veal, lamb, pork, beef… to fill the carnivorous pleasuresBidoche puts Limousin and Bazadaise meats on your plate that are as juicy as they are tasty! 1st butcher-restaurant in ParisBidoche is resolutely the place to be to feast around simply excellent meats! And good appetite, of course !

Bidoche, 7 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris

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