Bienne: The Bienne beaver is apolitical!


A former radical deputy and a former socialist prefect published images of a rodent established near the court.

The beaver photographed by former radical MP Peter Moser.

Facebook/Peter Moser

A beaver has taken up residence in the center of Biel, along a Suze canal, near the regional court and the Bernese cantonal police. Opportunistic, he frequents the Colonie des Cygnes, an aviary set up over the water, where ducks and two black swans are fed with salad, fruit and vegetables. His presence was reported by a former radical prosecutor and a former socialist prefect, on their Facebook profiles.

The first on the lookout was the former prefect Philippe Garbani, but in too much of a hurry to share his discovery on May 22, he tripped over the carpet by pointing out “a nice big badger”. The jokes flared: “This badger is a beaver, it’s a sign,” wrote a user.

The same in the objective of the former prefect Philippe Garbani.

The same in the objective of the former prefect Philippe Garbani.

Facebook/Philippe Garbani

Philippe Garbani made amends: “I think it was more of a Marsupilami”. On May 25, it was the former radical deputy Peter Moser who published four videos of the beaver, immediately arousing a “So schön!” who encouraged him to publish two more in the following days.

“We meet regularly,” says former deputy and municipal councilor Peter Moser, who strolls between the Colonie des Cygnes and the Restaurant de l’Écluse. As long as he can find lettuce to nibble on in the ducks and swans pond, fed every day around 4 p.m., the apolitical beaver will delight a socialist, a radical and many other curious people.

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