Bioule. The new faces of l’Escale

The restaurant will always be called L’Escale or Chez Mimi; however, Michèle Auvray has left, or almost, the stoves for a month, leaving the orders to Jean Cases and Stéphane Pasche, new owners of the establishment. Both are no strangers to Bioule, they have lived on the Cayrac road for two years, and Jean, whose father is a native of the village, worked there as a market gardener. Stéphane is a stage professional. A magician for twenty years, he is also a show producer. Apart from a stint in the service of a Toulouse cabaret, nothing predestined them to work in the restaurant business, except the desire to make a dream come true. “We ate here three or four years ago,” recalls Stéphane. We fell in love with the place.” Here they are, launched into the adventure since the end of May.

Three weeks later, already, the regulars of the Stopover are reassured. The safe bets are still there: soup, well-stocked appetizer buffet, calf’s head, beef tongue in sauce… And also the smiles of “Sousou”, Christelle and Rachel, the waitresses, and the one, less visible, from Fernanda since she is a dish washer.

The restaurant will be open every lunchtime from Monday to Saturday (1), but also on Friday evening with karaoke evenings and on Saturday for themed meals.

It is undoubtedly on this occasion that we will be able to discover Stéphane’s magician talents. Jean’s cooking talents are confirmed every day on the plate!

1: for group meals, it is prudent to book on 05 63 30 96 51.

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