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Bird learns to meow after watching woman feed cats

Neslihan Oranci, who has lived in Turkey for some time, decided to leave some food in her garden for the stray cats in her neighborhood. Curious felines usually let her know with meows when the food has run out, and that’s how a curious bird learned to mew much to the woman’s surprise.

Apparently, Neslihan’s routine and of its feline visitors did not go unnoticed, and unbeknownst to them, a curious and rather shrewd bird watched them from afar and learned their movements to perfection.

Neslihan told The Dodo:

“I was very surprised – I’ve never heard a crow talk like a cat! “.


A bird learns to meow by watching a woman feed cats

One day, while the woman was at home, she heard the sound of meowing coming from outside her house. Apparently one of the felines had arrived to find the food dish empty and was asking its benefactor for some food for its hungry stomach.

As soon as she looked out the window, Neslihan discovered that it was not a cat. Surprised, she discovered that it was a crow who had apparently learned to mew for free food.

After a while to take it all in, the woman gave the bird some food. And she discovered that she had learned something else about cats.

Neslihan recalls:

“While eating, he made the noise of an angry cat, the noise cats make when they fight. So that cats in the vicinity are frightened. »

Many birds have learned to imitate sounds. Some mimic other birds, others have a wide range of complex sounds from other species, and some, like parrots, are able to mimic any type of sound.

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