Bitten 60 times in Quimper: the owner of the dogs again faces justice – Quimper

The owner of the two dogs who had violently attacked a 28-year-old Quimper resident in October 2021 was given a fifteen-month suspended prison sentence last May, including a ban on keeping an animal for five years. His dog had bitten a young man nearly 60 times in Quimper.

In immediate appearance this Friday

A prohibition that this 43-year-old woman did not respect. On June 23, she was checked in Quimper by municipal police while she was holding a dog, an American staff, while its owner was shopping.

In addition, she was arrested, Wednesday, July 27, when she had just stolen, accompanied by a friend, a television on a pallet of a company, in the Gourvily area. For all of these facts, she will appear again before the Quimper court this Friday, July 29.

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