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Bitten by a dog in the thigh and crotch, a 12-year-old child hospitalized

Images of her bloodied son still haunt her. And for good reason Betty did not expect to see Lucas come back from a walk in this state. “I was so panicked that at the time I couldn’t help him“. It must be said that the young man was bitten in the thigh but also in the private parts. A particularly shocking scene.

Lucas, also in shock, tells his mother what happened. The Samu is alerted. Hospitalized at the CHU Nord, the teenager underwent emergency surgery in the evening. A few days after the fact, Lucas is better but “he had a narrow escape” underlines his mother. According to the first expertise, Lucas should not have any sequelae. But the convalescence will be long. And after the physical recovery, the teenager will also have to recover from the psychological trauma.

A dog said to be “dangerous”

Past the shock, it is anger for his loved ones. Because according to them, this situation could have been avoided. Indeed, that day, the owner of the dog who kept him on a leash did not manage to avoid the worst. Lucas says the neighbor’s dog jumped on him, biting him in the thigh and crotch without letting go. It was thanks to his husky, who defended him, that Lucas was able to escape the grip of the neighbor’s dog. Moreover, after the attack, the latter would have left the scene without even worrying about the state of health of the teenager.

Another element that adds to the anger, according to Lucas’s entourage, the canine would be a first-class American staff, a dog said “dangerous“. And the regulations for keeping one are very strict. A regulation that would not have been respected, at the time of the facts, the canine was not wearing a muzzle.

Elements that push Lucas’ family to file a complaint with the gendarmerie tomorrow. The schoolboy and his relatives hope that they will obtain justice.

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