Blind Woman Collapses on River Bank and 2 Stray Dogs Take Quick Action

For a blind woman, having the support of a society that adapts to her needs, and being able to live a safe and peaceful life, is certainly priceless.

But unfortunately, we know that is not always the case. There is no shortage of places that are not suitable for the blind, nor is understanding and solidarity enough when help is needed. But the woman in this story was surprised when two angels with tails and four legs sent to her when she needed them most.

There are many people who need nothing else in their lives but the presence of their loyal canine friends.

Especially those who live in the conditions of the streets and whose animals are their ideal companion to brighten days filled with so many uncertainties. Unfortunately, many homeless people and dogs roam the streets of the world waiting for a gesture of love.

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Blind Woman Collapses on River Bank and 2 Stray Dogs Take Quick Action

Often, they end up bonding and creating a beautiful bond where, despite the hardships they may be going through, they are certain that they will always be there for each other.

Recently, a man witnessed a beautiful act of love and loyalty on the part of two stray dogs towards their mistress who was in great difficulty. Indeed, the young man noticed that dogs were taking care of a woman who was lying on the bank of a river, completely covered in mud.

Apparently, the woman had fallen and lay unconscious by the riverside while her faithful dogs, who acted like true guardian angels, stood by her side begging for help.

Ake Srisuwan, the young man who found the dogs taking care of their mistress, said that at first he was unsure what the dogs were doing. After a few minutes, he realized that they were trying to wake up a woman, who was not very visible from afar, as she was lying on the ground, covered in mud.

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Srisuwan did not hesitate to call the relevant authorities to take charge of the situation. The wife and the dogs certainly needed looking after. One of the dogs was next to the woman, the other seemed to be guarding the area a few feet away.

Thanks to the efforts of the young man who made a lot of publicity in the local media, the Nepalese authorities reacted and decided to help the woman and her faithful companions. This small team of three people was taken to the local hospital where they received the necessary care.

The young man managed to talk to a few locals and discovered it was a blind lady who was still walking accompanied by her dogs. This made the story all the more poignant for Srisuwan. Of course, for us too.

Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured and was quickly released from the hospital. His first reaction was to go see his beautiful angels.

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Eventually, the woman was reunited with her trusty guide dogs again. Some community members are doing what they can to get the woman and her two dogs off the street. Hopefully one day they will be able to enjoy the love they have for each other in better conditions.

Stories like these remind us that dogs can be much more compassionate than some humans.

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