Blows to the skull at the restaurant of the Château de Namur!

A particularly violent scene took place on July 22, 2020 around 7 p.m. at the restaurant of the Château de Namur. For a ridiculous reason, a customer attacked a waitress. When the room manager asked the client, who had been consuming vodka and medication, to leave the premises, she hit the man several times in the back of the neck with an empty coke bottle before tearing his clothes. The victim lost consciousness for ten seconds.

When the police arrived, the defendant, absent at the hearing, managed to remove her handcuffs and seat belt. She then kicked a policewoman in the face.

If the defendant, followed for depression and alcoholism, did not remember the scene and tried to find out if she had hurt anyone, she did not follow up on the attempt at criminal mediation which was offered to her. A 2-year prison sentence was demanded against him.

Judgment September 12.


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