Booba accused of anti-Semitism against Magali Berdah: his lawyers explain

Carla Biancarelli

This Tuesday, August 2, 2022, on his Twitter account, Booba posted an official statement from his lawyers.

For several weeks, a virtual war between rapper Booba and the agent of reality TV stars, Magali Berdah, has been agitating social networks. At the end of July, the artist made the cover of Releaseto announce its project of “bring down the influencers”. For this, B20 directly attacked the source, the founder of the agency Shauna Events.

But also to Cyril Hanounapublicly criticizing him for not addressing influencer scams on his show to protect his financial interests.

Booba’s lawyers explain themselves

Faced with multiple attacks from the Duke of Boulogne, Magali Berdah, also a columnist in TPMP, stepped up to the plate, denouncing living a real hell as a result of this cyberbullying.

This Sunday, July 31, 2022, the mother of three posted a video recap of the past two months. “69,687 threats and insults receivedor 795 per day, or 33 per hour, which is a message every two minutes!!!”she wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

But while the case is now in the hands of justice, Booba posted an official statementof his lawyers, this Tuesday, August 2, 2022, on his Twitter account. In which these reject the link between insults anti-Semites received by Magali Berdah and their client.

“Neither Judaism nor anti-Semitism are in question. And we would not tolerate them being thus instrumentalized and erected into a defense system”, can we read in particular. “It is necessary once and for all that Mrs. Berdah understands that the facts denounced are serious, and that it will be untenable to always answer beside the subject”.

Magali Berdah’s response

In the process, Magali Berdah reacted to the rapper’s post: “For the record, I warned about what I have been going through for 2 1/2 months because of your incessant tweets which have absolutely nothing to do with product placements! Like my address, my religion, my children, screens of my husband… Of course I moved”she replied.

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