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From music to culinary excellence, there is only one step. After having tried his luck in the artistic world, Sylvain Renzetti eventually changes course. To improve his CV and seduce the banks, this cooking lover worked as a chef for two years at Audenge in a brewery. It’s by finding a friend from high school, who has become a real estate agent, that it all begins. He finds an establishment for sale, the former restaurant “Coté Rue”. Sylvain’s mother therefore sells her only asset, her house, to buy this premises and thus finance the new restaurant of his son: His restaurant. “His” is therefore a little wink for his mother and his story, meaning “son” in English.

This perseverance has borne fruit because today, His’ is ranked #1 Bordeaux restaurant on tripadvisor. A very important place for the manager. “We are very proud because each customer review is a mini Michelin guide for us. We give 400% to surprise our customers every day”, he confides. This success, he also owes it to his small team. Sylvain is accompanied by a second and an apprentice in the kitchen, while his partner is director and Henry is butler.

Creative dishes with international flavors

Two things differentiate His’ from other restaurants. Its value for money and its creativity. Each simple product is worked from gastronomic way to amaze your taste buds. The originality of the dishes can sometimes even be divisive. Who would mix oysters with sausage? With them, everything is possible. Make people travel is Sylvain’s main objective. On your plate, you will have french cuisine as Mexican, Chinese or Japanese flavors. The textures and the construction of the taste are perfectly mastered and tend towards culinary excellence.

There, it is impossible to get tired because the menu changes every 2/3 days. It is actually the customers who are masters of the next proposals. At the end of your meal, Sylvain will take the time to see you in order to take into account all your advice. He tells : “every day I work hard to progress. My customers are my guides and help me adjust my dishes”. Their flagship product remains all the same oyster in sorbet. (Yes, you read that right, in sorbet). To note that the products are mostly local. You can admire the work of the team with their kitchen open to the modern dining room. As for the wines, His’ again sets the bar very high. This restaurant “is the only establishment in Bordeaux” to propose Fragostaa wine from Pyrenees looks like champagne, but raspberry replaces grapes. Dishes can be modified according to allergies or diets provided you notify one day in advance, except for lactose-free and vegan. The evening menu is at 55€.

A second restaurant planned

As creativity is one of their strengths, innovating his concept during confinement was not difficult for Sylvain. This chef created artisanal and homemade boxes. With a frying pan and a microwave, you’re done! You just have to do your best dressage. Tutorials are even present on their youtube channel. This idea was so popular that Sylvain kept it for major events such as Christmas or New Year’s meals. He’s always had a lot of projects in his head. If we tell you that a second restaurant could soon point the tip of its nose at Bordeaux ? And maybe one day His’Restaurant will pick up a Michelin plate ! To be continued… Reservations can be made on their website or by telephone. Many Bordelais meet in this sumptuous setting, so book in advance!

His Restaurant
14 rue Paul Louis Lande, 33000 Bordeaux, France
05 57 67 10 46

Tuesday to Saturday: 12pm-2.30pm / 7.30pm-9.30pm

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