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Bouhans-les-Lure. Chihuahua gets shot at close range

Between 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Thursday, a Chihuahua was shot at close range. He did not survive. For Marina Mouton, owner of the dog, it is misunderstanding. “In our absence, he probably went under the fence to go out into the street,” she said.

The facts occurred in the heart of the village of Bouhans-lès-Lure, in a housing estate where families and children live.

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The dog, still alive, was transported to the veterinarian on duty. “The vet explained to us that our dog had been shot with an air rifle. That’s why no one in the village heard the shot. According to the game warden, he was shot at close range. If we had fired a few meters away, the bullet would have ricocheted. »

The animal, in a state of shock, was placed on a drip but was too weak to extract the bullet. He did not survive his injuries.

children nearby

“How can you shoot a small beast that weighs just two kilos? says Marina, anger in her voice. “Instead of doing that, the person could have alerted people around if our dog was bothering him but not shoot like that in the middle of the street. The mother of the family shudders at the idea that the bullet could have hit a child. “Children often play nearby, not far from the town hall and kindergarten. We often hear shots from the other side of the wood,” she adds.

Filing complaint

Misunderstanding also on the side of the town hall. “This is the first time that we have been told of this type of incident. You don’t shoot a little dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly. In addition, we are not in a hunting season, ”explains Eric Frechin, first magistrate.

A complaint was filed with the police.

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