Bouzonville. A young parcel delivery girl is attacked by a German shepherd

“I don’t even want to move from my house. My mother pushes me out. But I’m so afraid of animals now that I gave my cat to a neighbour’s girlfriend…” Marked in her mind but also in her flesh, Hadhil Aouïna. This 23-year-old woman was seriously injured by a dog on July 21, while delivering a package on behalf of Amazon, to a resident of the Bouzonville region (Moselle-Est).

“I found myself at the front door. A lady opened the door for me. Behind her was a German Shepherd type dog. He seemed agitated, Hadhil narrates. The woman was blocking the animal with her leg and holding the front door with her hand. When I gave her the package, she took it with both hands and that’s when the German Shepherd…

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