Brady, a paralyzed dog rescued from a shelter in Mons, now runs thanks to… wheels!

Brady is a 2 year old American Staff. Affectionate, very cuddly and incredibly kind, Brady seems impossible to give up. And yet, on June 28, he was found at the entrance to the Stambruges motorway.

Here’s what happened

“It is inexcusable to abandon a dog in this state”: Stella, director of the shelter, testifies

First thinking of a fracture, the team takes the animal to a veterinary clinic. But to their surprise, no fracture but an even more critical result…

Brady’s disease left him paralyzed following surgery (details)

But recently, a benefactress made a trolley with wheels, offered by the “Sky Renaissance” association, for Brady to move around, and it works! (VIDEO) The young dog is getting better and better and is adapting well to his new equipment which follows him wherever he goes.


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