Brave Cat Stands Up For Dog Who Was Crying About Getting Vaccinated By The Vet

A tender viral video where a cat wants to save a dog from a veterinarian has shocked thousands of users. The feline thought he was going to hurt her and no matter who it was, he defended her with his claws.

Anyone who has had pets knows that going to the vet is one of our pets’ biggest fears. In this place, even the differences between the species are forgotten, the animals take care of each other and protect each other. This was demonstrated by this cat who, like a feline superhero, defended a crying dog while he was receiving his vaccines.

Brave Cat Stands Up For Dog Who Was Crying About Getting Vaccinated By The Vet

The vet was surprised at the cat’s reaction, as he checked his leg for apparent scratches this ” Super hero “ could have caused him and which generated a little embarrassment according to the gestures he showed.

We know the importance of vaccinations in our pets, as it is important to prevent various diseases. Also, we definitely understand that this is a boring time for our pets; the situation makes them very anxious, even aggressive than when they hear another animal crying in the other room.

For this reason, this brave cat, hearing the cries of this dog, decided to attack the vet with his claws to save the helpless dog. The veterinarian was totally amazed; we can thus see him touching his leg and complaining about the claw he received from the little feline.

This video was posted on the account of @argenisperez5 on the popular social network TikTok where it obtained more than 1.5 million views, quickly going viral.

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