Brave Girl Braves Heavy Rain To Rescue Abandoned Dog

Coming home from school, the girl saw the dog and took off her sweaterno matter how cold or wet, and hugged the dog.

It is said that children are the future of the world and if it is in the hands of people like this 12 year old girl, it will be a much better and kinder place. It’s the story of a teenage girl who put an animal’s welfare ahead of her own last Thursday.

It all happened in Blumenau, in the Itajaí Valley, Brazil, when a young girl named Cibely Luíza came home from school and, in the midst of torrential rain, saw an injured puppy on the sidewalk.

Brave Girl Braves Heavy Rain To Rescue Abandoned Dog

She didn’t think twice to know he needed help, so she threw her umbrella on the ground and took off her coat, which she used to give the pup some warmth. But it didn’t stop there, because she took him home to give him the necessary care, to make sure he was okay.

The whole thing was captured by a local resident, who was recording the rain when he was able to observe the young girl’s beautiful moment of empathy for the animal.

She is now happy to know that his story has become popular because it will inspire others to do the same. Young Cibely’s family already has two dogs at home and has no room for another.

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However, once he is in good condition, they will look for an adoptive family to take him off the streets. Apparently this isn’t the first time this girl has welcomed home she a street animal.

According to Razoes para Acreditar, another time she found another abandoned puppy around the corner and took it home to bathe and comb it, then looked for its owner. When she found him, she got angry because they didn’t have a fence and the dog might soon run away again. The girl was concerned about the welfare of the animal.

All of her family members are very proud of her, as she has a conscience that many at her age do not develop, and that is to help those who need it most, regardless of species.

At this moment, in the rain, it’s clear she was drenched in the rain and got a little cold to save the pup, but the animal’s welfare was more important than her own.

Below is the video of the rescue:

In case you didn’t know, before we finish we leave you with a curious fact: children come to regard their pet or other dogs as an unconditional friend and thus learn to appreciate the true meaning of life. pure love.

And dogs also play a fundamental role in the development of children, providing them with security, autonomy and companionship.

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