Britney Spears drugged by her manager and her lawyer? Shocking revelations

According to court documents revealed by a fan account, Britney Spears, who had been released from the guardianship of her father last November, would have been drugged without her knowledge by her former teams.

While Britney Spears – married to her companion Sam Asghari in a ceremony disturbed by the intrusion of her ex – rediscovers the joys of independence since being freed from the tutelage of her father Jamie Spears, the investigation is suing to find out who was behind this legal conviction. And according to his lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, it is on the side of the company Tri Star that it is necessary to look.

Britney Spears’ ex-management company would have established a legal and financial arrangement with her father throughout their collaboration, which began shortly before her guardianship, reports the site variety. Britney Spears’ lawyer then filed court documents in Los Angeles Superior Court proving that Lou Taylor’s company played a major role in the guardianship of the artist, pocketing nearly $18 million in the process. their cooperation.

Unexpected exchanges

The shock documents would contain “emails, allegedly sent by Taylor, regarding the conservatorship”. A conversation would have taken place between the boss of Tri Star, the former lawyer of the singer (Geraldine Wyle) as well as Jamie Spears, father of Britney. The exchanges, which would be formal proof of the company’s involvement in the conservatorship, were revealed by a fan account on Twitter:“New emails show Lou Taylor conspired with…

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