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BTS’s J-Hope Reveals He Saved A Stray Cat

Many idols have shown their generosity over the years, both towards human beings and also towards animals. Many celebrities are known for their love of animals.

This is also the case for the members of BTS, and therefore of J-Hope, known for his big heart. No wonder he saved the life of a stray cat.

BTS's J-Hope reveals he saved a stray cat

Recently, J-Hope made an appearance on the August 10 broadcast of MBC Standard FM’s Starry Night radio show, which is hosted by Kim Eana, who has written many hit K-pop songs.

During his guest appearance, a listener messaged J-Hope asking about a past event. The listener had asked the rapper: “I heard you took a stray cat to the vet last year. Did it really happen? »

In November last year, a post on an online community forum shared that J-Hope picked up a sick stray cat and brought him to the vet for treatment, with the BTS member bearing all costs. However, since there was no evidence that this actually happened, it remained an unverified story among ARMYs.

But on the show, J-Hope finally confirmed that the story was indeed true and that he met the stray cat at a filming site.

BTS's J-Hope reveals he saved a stray cat

” Oh yes it’s true. I was shooting something that day, and I spotted a stray cat around the filming site. My heart instantly broke into pieces when I saw the cat,” remembers J-Hope.

He then revealed the stray cat’s condition when he found him, saying he was too skinny from hunger and had poor eyesight. He remembers his own dog, Mickey, suffering from a similar illness.

“I have a dog myself and his eyes are bad. His eyes are actually artificial. He has already had an eye transplant. The stray cat’s eyes weren’t as pretty. And since the cat was also too thin, I thought I couldn’t leave the cat there like that,” shared J-Hope.

BTS's J-Hope reveals he saved a stray cat

He then explained that he first cared for the cat, before finally adopting it into a new family.

He said: “So I took the cat to the vet myself. I got the cat treated and found a new family and a new home for him. [La famille] seemed like nice people. »

BTS's J-Hope reveals he saved a stray cat

After listening to his story, Kim Eana praised the rapper, saying: “Wow, that’s amazing. You truly live up to your name, J-Hope. »

Hearing this, J-Hope became shy and laughed. He remained humble saying that it seemed like he and the cat were destined to meet, and it was just a good time then.

J-Hope’s generosity certainly saved this cat’s life.

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